Meet The Team Behind Houston Bloggers

Lisa Stauber – Director

Lisa established Houston Bloggers in 2010 to help bloggers in the Houston area connect and learn together how to take their blogs further.  She also founded Shiny Things Media, a new media company focused on teaching bloggers and small businesses SEO optimization and social media, offering blogging services, and connecting bloggers and brands for content marketing and sponsored campaigns.  Her passion is working with microbusinesses and entrepreneurs, helping them focus their vision and integrate new media marketing to realize their dreams.

Lisa’s most recent success is the founding of Blog Elevated Conference and Community, which brings together bloggers from around the nation to learn and grow together. Find her every Monday night hosting #BlogElevated Twitter Chat at 9pm CT.

Bobbie Byrd – Assistant Director

Bobbie happened to stumble onto the first Houston Bloggers meeting in 2010 and hasn’t left since. Her blog, Clumsy Crafter, is a personal mission to bring creativity back into the modern home. Self taught in graphic design, she is the creator of most images found on Houston Bloggers, and many other websites and throughout social media. Bobbie joined with Lisa in 2013 to create Blog Elevated as co-founder.

Bobbie and Lisa together also originated and run Texas Bloggers and DFW Bloggers groups and blog lists.

Jill Jarvis – Coordinator

Jill is the newest edition to the Houston Bloggers team. During the day you can find her at Big Kid Small City but at night she brings her organizational skills to the HB team.