Why Houston Bloggers?

Houston Bloggers has been serving bloggers in Harris, Fort Bend, Montgomery, and Galveston counties since 2010.  Our organization has grown and changed from our first days of chatting with a few bloggers over coffee at the mall to offering monthly networking opportunities, sponsored events, working with agencies and brands, and ongoing blogger education.

We want to keep Houston Bloggers as the best blogging group in Texas.  Ultimately, we want Houston Bloggers Membership to really mean something.  Being a member and displaying our badge will come to stand for a certain quality and commitment level of a blogger, a blogger who blogs with integrity, who invests in professional development, and has a strong network of like minded peers for support.

Houston Bloggers membership is $45 per year and bloggers must apply and be accepted.  We only accept bloggers who follow basic ethical standards, legally disclose as required, and aren’t spammers.  We will only approve applicants who have actual blogs, not those who just work for a marketing or PR agency.

Houston Bloggers members will receive:

  • First access to monthly meetings
  • Invites to VIP special events and sponsored meetings
  • Access to the exclusive Houston Bloggers Pro Facebook group, with motivational posts, mastermind challenges, and peers focused on seriously growing their blog.
  • Added to membership roster shared with agencies, brands, media, and PR
  • Site badge so anyone visiting your site knows you are an official member
  • Personal support, friendship, and peer networking with serious, like-minded bloggers

We will still have our larger Houston Bloggers community that requires no investment.  The Houston Bloggers Facebook group will continue, and anyone can use the #HoustonBloggers hashtag and subscribe to our newsletter.  However, please keep in mind that sponsored opportunities, closed meetings, and special events will be open to paid members first and only if seats are available will non-paid members be able to reserve a spot.  The Houston Bloggers Pro group, mentoring, and mastermind motivation is only for paid members.

Need help with the membership fee?  We have scholarships available to make Houston Bloggers Pro membership available to anyone.  Please contact Lisa or Bobbie directly to apply for a scholarship membership.